The Original Marble MacBook Decal - Photos of the #MarbleMacBook from Instagram March 21 2016

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Marble MacBook // Instagram Photos January 12 2016

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We love seeing your creative workspaces around the world. Thanks for sharing your Marble MacBook {and marble phone case} photos and spreading the word about our products - it means so much to us!

-The Marble MacBook Crew // The Original Marble MacBook Decal

Happy Holidays from Marble MacBook! November 24 2015

We're getting into the holiday spirit over at Marble MacBook HQ. Here's a roundup of our favorite photos from November:






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Introducing REAL Marble iPhone Case for iPhone 6/6s! November 15 2015

Our REAL Marble Classique Case fits iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. A major upgrade from a standard plastic or rubber case, this statement piece is made of 100% authentic Italian Marble. The 'Classique Case' is stylish, timeless, luxurious, and durable enough for daily use.

[Product Features]
➝ Natural, durable, eco-friendly marble
➝ Features a 0.85mm shatter-resistant marble plate inlay on a slim profile rubber case
➝ Unique design. Due to natural veins, no two cases are the same!
➝ Marble plate is cool to the touch (like a marble or granite countertop)
➝ Care for this product as you'd care for natural marble - using mild soap + water OR marble polish
➝ Our handmade marble plates are precision cut to sit securely within a high-quality, flexible rubber case (snug fit + easy to grip)
➝ Perfect fit - guaranteed! If you are at all unsatisfied with the product or the pattern, you may return for a full refund within 14 days. We also offer a one-year warranty from purchase date.

[Case Design]
Slim Profile + Protective + Gorgeous

● Quick-snap precision fit
● Easy access to all ports & buttons
● Slim profile with over screen bevels to ensure secure fit

We use the world's thinnest marble - giving you a serious dose of style without weighing you down!

● Fits iPhone 6 OR iPhone 6s
● Choose from Classic White (Carrara Marble) with thin grey veins OR Classic Black with white veins
● Ready to ship in 1-3 days (Shipping is FREE within the United States!)

♥ Love it ? Add it to your favorites by clicking on the heart (♥) button to the right of our product photos that says "Favorite"
● Want to see more? Visit my Etsy shop here: 
● Shop Policies are here: Find out about payment methods, shipping & more.

Please Note: This is NOT a decal. This is a high quality Marble iPhone case with authentic/genuine marble inlay. We stand by our product, offering a 1-YEAR WARRANTY & SATISFACTION GUARANTEE.


Thanks for taking the time to read about our one-of-a-kind REAL Marble Cases! Since we are a startup company, we are still striving to improve our products and processes. If you have questions, feedback, or suggestions, please contact me directly using the "Contact Shop Owner" or "Ask a Question" button, or by emailing me via: ClassiqueCases [!at] Thanks in advance! ~ Marty

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Marble MacBook - Holiday 2015 Gift Guide November 01 2015


Looking to give the glamorous gift of a Marble MacBook this holiday season? Well, you're in luck. We have just what you're looking for (as long as you've already secured the MacBook). We have a variety of Marble MacBook Decals (aka Skins / Stickers) to suit the following MacBook models:

  • 11" MacBook Air
  • 13" MacBook Air
  • 13" MacBook Pro
  • 13" MacBook Pro with Retina Display
  • 15" MacBook Pro
  • 15" MacBook Pro with Retina Display
  • 12" [NEW] MacBook

Choose from any of our listings on this site, or our sister site, Marble Decals - Etsy, and we'll get your Marble MacBook Decal in the mail as soon as possible!

Since we know holiday shopping adds up quickly, we are offering FREE U.S. Shipping (for a limited time). Take advantage of this offer during the holiday season : )

Take a look at our latest #MarbleMacBook snaps, below, and follow us on Instagram (@MarbleMacBook) for more where this came from!




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Marble MacBook Decals on Instagram October 30 2015

There's nothing more enjoyable than seeing your Marble MacBooks pop up on Instagram : )

One thing is certain, Marble MacBook owners are stylish, creative, adventurous and inspiring! Seeing your MacBook MacBooks in their natural habitats--accompanying brunch in bed, Netflix at night, late night study sessions in the library or hanging with your pets--brings us so much joy!

♥ Thanks for the insta-love!


The Best Marble MacBook Cover on the Market! October 27 2015

Our Marble MacBook Laptop Decal is a bestselling, top-rated product. We have over 5,000 satisfied customers around the world. Beware of cheap imitation skins, our product is the most realistic on the market. Glam up your MacBook today!

If you'd like to see more Marble MacBook photos, check us out on Instagram @MarbleMacBook. We share our photos and customer photos. Tag us for a chance to be featured!



In addition to Marble MacBook Skins, we are rolling out a new product for Holiday '15 - REAL Marble iPhone 6 cases in Black Marble and White Marble. Email us at: to pre-order yours today. Quantities are limited, don't miss out!


*We feature additional product details and photos in our Etsy shop. Visit: for more info!


Customer Testimonials October 26 2015

We LOVE our Marble MacBook Decals, but don't just take our word for it. See what our customers have to say about our product:


"Love, Love, Love this! Even my hubby is jealous... The skin makes my computer match what I do (interior designer) and it always looks clean since I use my computer for everything, including client meetings. I couldn't be happier." - Brandy W. 

"It looks so awesome! I've had several skins before, and this one is the best and last one ill buy. It makes my expensive macbook look even more expensive :P" -Kayla M. 

"I absolutely love this decal. It looks exactly like a perfect slab of marble!  If you're looking for something unique, classy, and clean I'd definitely recommend this decal! (And for those unfamiliar with decals, this is not a hardcover case. It is a giant sticker you place on your laptop as a skin.)" -Celeste G.

"Amazing product! When I applied the skin to my MacBook there were a few air bubbles but they smoothed out in a day. Love my laptop even more now!" -Emily R. 

"Very good quality, easy to apply, many compliments" -Samantha W. 

"Great quality! Fast shipping, not too hard to apply and it looks wonderful! The apple logo shines through the decal. Great feel and is amazing at protecting from scratches." -Erin D. 

New Offering: FREE US Shipping October 19 2015

We're pleased to announce that Marble MacBook Decals now offers FREE SHIPPING within the United States.

Marble MacBook Decals - Free Shipping

Your discount will be applied at checkout, no promo code necessary. Happy Shopping!



Marble MacBook Decals on Instagram ♥ Your Photos! October 06 2015

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@bleuarc, that French toast looks divine!
...And this is the perfect Sunday setup (or any day, for that matter)!
@lilmslil, we have to agree, Rock N' Roll is NOT Dead (and your laptop looks really good)!
Inspired by your decor, @jiguinus!
Thanks for sharing your photos with us! To be featured, tag us 

➞ @MarbleMacBook on Instagram!

Testimonials September 10 2015

How do customers feel about the Original Marble MacBook Decal?

"Absolutely gorgeous! The best decal I have ever seen." -Natasha G. 

"Seriously so cool!! I feel like I have a brand new laptop! Plus it was pretty easy to apply!" -Jordin T.

"I love this skin! Looks great on the laptop, I definitely recommend!" -Sarah S.

"Love it! My Macbook looks so gorgeous now." -Marie H.

"The marble decal that I purchased is gorgeous and just as pictured." -Jamie M. 




Instagram Love: Marble MacBook Photos ♥ September 10 2015

Thanks for sharing your #MarbleMacBook photos on Instagram! Your creativity continues to inspire us. 

Keep the photos coming! Find us: @MarbleMacBook.

Application Instructions: How to Apply Your Marble MacBook Decal August 01 2015

Chances are, you can't wait to glam up your MacBook, so we'll dive right into How to Apply Your Marble MacBook Decal.

Please note: There is a slight difference in application between MacBook Pro (non-Retina) and MacBook Air / 'MacBook Pro with Retina Display' decals. Please read these instructions completely before beginning the application process.

Step 1: Clean and dry the surface of your laptop.

Step 2: Choose a burnishing tool. A credit card, gift card, or dull plastic loyalty card will work well.

Step 3: Place your MacBook on a flat surface in front of you -- with the opening facing you and the laptop completely closed. 

Step 4: Very slowly peel the backing away from two corners along one of the longer edges of the decal.

Step 5: While holding the decal taut, line up the edge of the decal with the edge of your laptop; adhere lightly. (For MacBook Pro: Press the corner pieces in place (there are 2 pieces per corner that wrap around the rounded laptop corners), holding each corner / corner piece down for a few seconds.

If the decal corners are not in alignment with your laptop corners, carefully peel back up and reposition. When in alignment -- press down on both corners with your thumbs.

Step 6: Push a credit card across the top of the decal to smooth out air bubbles -- pushing outward. (Notice how the majority of the backing is still connected to the vinyl decal at this point?)

Step 7: Continue pulling the backing away in small increments (1-2 inches), smoothing with a credit card as you go.

Step 8: When you get to the end, ensure the corners are in alignment. Starting with one corner, apply pressure with your finger to the corner / corner pieces, and carefully peel the backing completely off the decal on that side -- then continue pulling until it is completely removed. Apply pressure to the opposite corner to secure the decal completely.

Step 9: If one or more corners/edges is not completely secure, apply low heat from a hair dryer held at least 5 inches away for no more than 3 seconds per corner.

Step 10: Open your MacBook and watch it GLOW!

Additional Tips:

  • If you accidentally applied + burnished the decal with a credit card and it is sitting slightly crooked, do not peel it back -- it may stretch or tear if already securely fastened to your laptop. Instead, use nail clippers or a small scissors to trim the material hanging off the edge.

  • When you’re ready to remove your decal permanently, there may be a small bit of adhesive left behind if it’s been secured for several months. Just wipe with a damp cloth in a circular motion (or rub it with your finger) and the adhesive will come right off.

 Application Steps in Slideshow Format
[Default slideshow is for MacBook Pro. Select 'Other Presentation' at right for MacBook Pro Retina / MacBook Air decals]

© Copyright 2015 - Marble MacBook Decals. All Rights Reserved.

The Original Marble MacBook Decal ~ Celebrates 1 Year in Business! February 10 2015

We're excited to announce that we are coming up on our 1 year anniversary in business! We can't thank you enough for your support and encouragement in 2014, and look forward for big things to come in 2015! For one, we plan on expanding our product line to include some new patterns, decals, and sizes. We also want to continue improving our existing product and processes, and welcome your feedback! We recently updated our Application Instruction Card - get a sneak peek here:


These new cards will come with every Marble MacBook Decal order. As always, we provide step-by-step photo instructions on our website:

Fan Mail ~ Marble MacBook Decal Reviews from our Customers! January 13 2015

♥♥ FAN MAIL (a sampling of love notes from our customers) ♥♥

"Love this!! Shipped so quickly and looks so chic! Thank you!!!"

"Can't get over how unique and wonderful the decal is."

"Very nice product. I get nothing but compliments."

"LOVE IT! High quality, handy application instructions, looks amazing."

"Gorgeous cover and fast service. Looks stunning on my laptop! Thank you!"

"Absolutely in love with the decal! It is perfect! Love flaunting my laptop around now!"

"LOVE! Can't say enough good about this, I have received so many compliments, thank you."

"Amazing product! Easy to fit on and looks even more amazing in real life than on the picture!"

"It looks beautiful. Getting tons of compliments. Easy to put on and shipping was super fast. Love it!"

"Seller is amazing and super responsive with lightening shipping. On top of that, the marble mac cover is GORGEOUS. It is a piece of art that I look forward to admiring everyday. Thank you!!"

"I'm in LOVE with this skin! It looks much better once you've applied it on your Macbook, than looking at the skin by itself."

"I am in LOVE with this decal! It makes my laptop look so classy and I have received so many compliments on it already from random strangers and friends. Even though it is just for the top it doesn't look incomplete because the color merges well with the otherwise aluminum color of a MacBook."



Marble MacBook Decals for 13" MacBook Air Laptops Now Available! November 16 2014

We're excited to announce that marble decals for 13" MacBook Air laptops are now available! Dress your MacBook Air to impress with an Original Marble MacBook Decal. 


Wondering what sets our decals apart from the competition (imitations)?
As the creators of the Original Marble MacBook Decal, we take a ton of pride in our work. We use only the finest imported vinyl, top-quality adhesive, and the most realistic marble pattern you've ever seen. Don't be fooled by the imitations, our marble decals are as close to real marble as you can get! Also, they will stay stuck for as long as you'd like your MacBook marbleized. No need to worry about cheap adhesive that will peel off over time. 

Also, we purposefully do not cut out the Apple logo out on our designs. This keeps the design continuous as it covers and protects your laptop, while still allowing the logo to glow through when your laptop is open. You have the ability to control the brightness -- just press the F1 and F2 keys in the top left corner of your keyboard to adjust logo brightness.

**Please note that the other decals need to cut out the logo as the material does not allow for transparency as ours does.

Also, we're super friendly! When it comes to customer service, we're happy to help. As a small, independent online retailer, we personally answer every single email that hits our inbox, and we're happy to do it! It's fun for us to realize our dream of opening an eCommerce shop, and we really enjoy the day-to-day operations of running this business. If you have any suggestions for additional products, feel free to reach out: We hope to extend our product line soon, and would love to hear from you. 


Our fans say it best...


"Love this!! Shipped so quickly and looks so chic! Thank you!!!"

"Can't get over how unique and wonderful the decal is"

"Very nice product. I get nothing but compliments."

"Gorgeous cover and fast service. Looks stunning on my laptop! Thank you!"

"Amazing product! Easy to fit on and looks even more amazing in real life than on the picture!"

Marble MacBook Decals for 13" MacBook Pro Laptops Now Available! October 18 2014

We're proud to announce that Marble MacBook Decals for 13" MacBook Pro laptops are back in stock! 

Here's what it looks like closed:

The magic happens when you open it and the light shines through the Apple logo!

Unsure if you have a 13" MacBook Pro, 13" MacBook Pro with Retina Display, or 13" MacBook Air?

Here's how to determine which size decal you'll need:

Click on the Apple icon in the top left corner of your laptop. Select "About this Mac" followed by "More Info" and the product details will display. Please note: Apple dimensions are measured diagonally so a 13" MacBook Pro with Retina display actually measures 13.3-inches diagonally.

Please Note
: If you have a 13" MacBook Pro laptop, a 13" MacBook Pro Retina or 13" MacBook Air decal will not fit. All three decals are sized differently to fit each specific laptop. Please order carefully.


Q: The 13" MacBook Pro laptop has curved edges? Will this decal fit properly?

A: Yes! We've programmed our laser cutter to make precise incisions at each of the four corners to allow you to apply the decal securely to adhere to each corner without peeling up. Many other decals provide cutouts at the corners or do not go all the way to the edges of the computer due to the edges, but by designing the decal this way, you'll have the most coverage without interrupting the marble design.

We're on Instagram! October 18 2014

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Tag us: @MarbleMacBook or use the hashtag #MarbleMacBook to show us your photos!


Fan Mail: Our Customers Love Their Marble MacBook Decal Laptop Skins! April 08 2014

A Collage of Marble MacBook Decal Laptop Skins. Share yours with us #MarbleMacbook!